flat card pack: bird & brush

flat card pack: bird & brush

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twelve flat cards to send to those you care about... (three each of four different stories + envelopes) 

stories include: 

  • songs of the sea: A mermaid knows the hardest thing is going through the days on land when your heart hears only the songs of the sea
  • light: It's the way of all things that the night ends & the light returns. The light always returns.
  • simple truth: her whole life shifted the day she started to tell the truth about what made her happy
  • in between: the first ones to map the stars also knew to map the dark places in between, because they saw the world as it was, whole & alive & every path you take is never only one thing, but always threading between the known & the unknown, between where you are going & what you imagine that to be.

    art & design by Kai & Fia