flat card pack: crows

flat card pack: crows

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twelve flat cards to send to those you care about... (two each of 6 different stories + envelopes - color of envelopes is a light blue, different from what is shown)

stories include: 

  • the moment: her entire life led her to the moment when she said, This is the life I want, & she never again wasted time on a life that was not that
  • unleashed: forgetting all the rules others had taught her, she spread her wings & remembered she can fly
  • focus: not sure she'll ever quite get over how easy it is to fly once you're not wasting all that time wondering if it's even possible
  • secret notion: secretly harboring the notion she might be able to fly...
  • innate wisdom: called to a wisdom that is innately her own
  • invisible ceilings: she built her home with invisible ceilings so there's always room for her to fly

art & design by Kai & Fia