storyboard: round things

Once there was a woman who heard the voices of round things & you would think in a world of straight lines & sharp angles there is no room for that & yet, every day, she sang & danced in her kitchen, never once forgetting that round things, the bread & stones & seasons, are the real stuff of life & everything else sits on top of that until it has been too long & it's time for us to return.

storyboard shown here (average size) on cherry: 7  1/8" W  x  17 1/2" H  x  7/8" D

available in white or painted

    • wood species will vary according to what we have on hand
    • each piece is cut, sanded, & painted here in the studio with our unique bird & brush process
    • woodcut done freehand by Kai
    • studio chop on the back of the piece, for authenticity
    • natural grain on the sides and back exposed to show the raw wood
    • includes free shipping throughout the US

      art created on 03 November 2022, story by Kai, written in 2016

            color painted woodcut

            repurposed & handcrafted...

            We have the deep joy of working with incredibly beautiful wood, sometimes from trees that are hundreds of years old... This means every piece that leaves our studio carries along its own history & is entirely unique.

            The wood species will vary according to what we can source from local small businesses that share our ethos.

            All our reclaimed wood products are made to order - shaped, sanded & waxed here in our studio. Woodcuts are done freehand. Unless stated otherwise, painted pieces have our unique bird & brush process: 4-6 layers of paint, graphite & ink (including a secret hand written wish between layers).

            Our wood pieces come with a small card telling a bit about us & the piece, & are either wrapped in repurposed pages from old books or in an organic cotton bag.