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storyboard: maker
storyboard: maker
storyboard: maker

storyboard: maker

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She held her whole life up to the light & it struck her how it glowed, even with the threads of dark woven through it & if she cried easily after that it wasn't because she was sad, but because the world is so beautiful & life is so short.

storyboard shown here (average size) on cherry, with Kai's woodcut: 9 1/4" W  x  17 1/8" H  x  7/8" D

 each storyboard ordered plants one tree

    • wood species will vary according to what we have on hand
    • each piece is cut, sanded, & painted here in the studio with our unique bird & brush process - & Kai creates the woodcut pattern freehand - making each unique
    • studio chop on the back of the piece, for authenticity
    • natural grain on the sides and back exposed to show the raw wood
    • shipping within the US included
        color white woodcut

        how we make these...

        We have the deep joy of working with incredibly beautiful repurposed wood, sometimes from trees that are hundreds of years old... This means every piece is unique & carries along its own history. We purposely do not fill in the bug holes or hide the knots & scarring, which is why each piece is perfectly imperfect & unique.

        The wood species will vary according to what we can source from local small businesses dedicated to repurposing razed buildings, trees that are diseased, or taken down due to storms.

        These pieces come with a small card telling a bit about us & the piece, & is either wrapped or comes in an organic cotton bag.

        All our reclaimed wood products are shaped, sanded & waxed here in our studio. Woodcuts are done freehand.

        Unless stated otherwise, our painted pieces are our unique bird & brush process: 4-6 layers of paint, graphite & ink (including a secret hand written wish).

        click here to learn more about our bird & brush process...