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the weight of air (ink) print

the weight of air (ink) print

A friend asked me if I'd do this story (from the book Theories of Everything) just a couple of days ago. It needed to be done quickly, so I looked through some of the Women Rising images on my drawing table & the peace & acceptance of this image was so palpable that I knew immediately she'd hold the story perfectly. 

Because there's something that makes grief softer when someone holds it with you. It does not change there is grief & loss; it simply says I will stand with you through this for as long as it takes & there is a safety & permission in that. I'm glad he asked me to do a version. I'm also glad it's here for you if you need it...

I never knew emptiness could weigh so much, she said. I can barely hold it. So, I sat beside her & reached for her hand & we held it for as long as it took, together. 

• 11x14 print of the original watercolor, ink & graphite & hand-lettered text
• museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
• Includes low VOC foamcore backing board, protected in a poly sleeve
• titled, signed & dated