repurposed wood card holder: bird & brush watercolor pack

shown here with a cherry base & one of the six 4x6 notetcards included

stories included:

stories included:
In the heart of the world: in the heart of the world, there is a place that holds the secret names of the rocks & the trees & all the children of the earth & around it gather those who hold it dear & each night they stand together to keep it safe, for as long as it takes, till morning comes. & no matter what you have been told, this will always be so, in the heart of the world.
maker: She held her whole life up to the light & it struck her how it glowed, even with the threads of dark woven through it & if she cried easily after that it wasn't because she was sad, but because the world is so beautiful & life is so short.
round things:  Once there was a woman who heard the voices of round things & you would think in a world of straight lines & sharp angles there is no room for that & yet, every day, she sang & danced in her kitchen, never once forgetting that round things, the bread & stones & seasons, are the real stuff of life & everything else sits on top of that until it has been too long & it's time for us to return.
quiet songs: It is obvious when you know it, why this pen is your favorite, or that cup is what starts each morning, holding it in your hands warm & solid as you look at the days. It is obvious that each thing has its own song & we hear that without always knowing that is what it is. 
little things: It's enough to pay attention to the little things. The steam rising off that first cup of coffee. Sunlight coming through the window. There's no right answer for what's going to make you happy. There are only these little things that add up to how you spend your days & it can take a long time to see it's as simple as that.
crossroads: When you find yourself at an edge, where the world is not quite one thing or another, you can always stop & listen. Until you begin to hear all of it. The whispers of water & sunlight & the songs of wind & stone in every living thing. Listen until you remember. Nothing is just one thing, but only the thing you see for a moment from where you stand.
description & what's included
  • one each of six different notecards + one envelope to hold them
  • holder: average dimensions of reclaimed wood holder: 8 1/8" W x 1 1/4" H x 1 3/4" D, wood species will vary according to what we have on hand, Flying Edna studio signature on the bottom of the piece
  • a few sea worn stones we've gathered
  • comes in an organic cotton bag with a small card outlining our process, attached with a raw silk ribbon