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Sometimes the only thing that will do is to have an original story.  After collecting a bit of background from you, I'll let the writing start to percolate. Often, this can be a rapid process, but sometimes, to be fair, it can take several months. (I'd love to give you an exact schedule here, but it really does simply take the time it takes.) 

It's a mysterious process to create the story that ultimately speaks to you & captures the essence of what you hope to communicate: about yourself, or the other, or the relationship & what it has meant in the heart of you. Sometimes, it means a back & forth dialogue over months. Other times, it comes from dreams. (That's what I mean about it being a mysterious process...:-))

Currently, I tend to work on an 11x14 archival hot-press watercolor paper. Just so you know, the size is completely flexible (within reason), so if you'd like a different size, feel free to ask. The bigger part of any original work is the art & story. The size of it is something we can always adapt...

So, here's my current pricing on originals, as of 2023:

  • 11x14 pen & ink drawing & text - $900
  • 11x14 classic watercolor with handwritten text (my classic style is a brilliantly painted figure with surrounding text) - $1895
  • 11x14 saturated ink with handwritten text (the reference point for these are the elemental women inks) - $1895
  • 16x20 pen & gouache watercolor - $3750
  • a custom sculpture with the story - beginning at $3500

Shipping is included.

begin the collaboration