miranda &...

Miranda showed up as a result of all the corvids we saw in our backyard when we lived in Montana... sometimes delightful, sometimes menacing, always curious.

Kai's first crow showed up on a piece of Nepalese handmade paper. A combination of pen and watercolor. We titled it 'herald,' and moved him on to an early storyblock. As if they knew they had a willing artist ready to play, the crows started to show up more regularly, with more character. Or perhaps, they've always had this character & we finally took the time to notice it. 

Kai chose one of our most favorite things, a cup of coffee, and paired a crow with it on a piece of reclaimed elm from North Dakota. We named her Miranda. She brought so much joy that we decided to listen a while longer, opening ourselves up to the ways she might encounter the world... 

Each of these pieces was originally hand painted on a piece of reclaimed wood. We then scanned the images to create digital prints. The picture shown for each art block is the original. When you order an artblock, Kai uses this as general guide for your new piece. No two are ever the same. 

Yoshi gets some credit for the raw crows... One afternoon, Fia was outside reading, when Yoshi started a lively conversation with two crows that rested on the electrical wire connected to the house. There's no telling what was said between the three. As Fia eavesdropped, her imagination drifted to the idea of pairing crows with some of the scarred pieces of reclaimed wood that were set aside. Kai set about to create his own vocabulary of birds that Fia could then refer to for each design.

In the spirit of giving back, each artblock ordered plants one tree