bird & brush art prints

What is bird & brush? It's something we created together in 2018 when we began Flying Edna & continue to evolve based on the seasons & where we live. 

We began these when we lived in Montana, inspired by the light, the mountains & vast sky. Now that we live on the Cape, we are influenced by the softer light, humidity & ebb & flow of the tides... 

The paintings turned out to be premonitions of a sort - inspiring us toward places we were headed before we knew we were headed there. If one speaks to you, it just may be a leading edge... 

Each bird & brush begins with a piece of reclaimed wood. We cut, sand & prep with 4 layers (including a secret wish written for you in graphite between layers 1 & 2). One of us then takes a "blank" & starts painting... by the end, there are usually 6-8 layers of paint, ink, & graphite. All these small paintings become a sort of working vocabulary that we then have available for additional wood pieces, cards, desk calendars & art prints.

These are digital prints created from the original wood paintings.

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