fia skye

née Wendy Saver/Mortimer

I balanced a life in theatre & academia for almost 20 years. Now I run Flying Edna with Kai, freelance as a coach, and create workshops centered on the practice of presence (the how of doing). Intentionally curious about wellness of the whole self in every day living, I am a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Everything I used to teach young artists: how to find their light, how to partner, how to take and give space, how to speak with clarity and conviction, how to believably compel an audience of strangers, and how to align so deeply with another's set of life circumstances that you willingly widen your own opinions and feelings in service of making space for someone else's story... is wildly useful in every day living.

These are pathways to be more communicative and more present in personal and professional relationships.

I am a member of Actor's Equity Association, Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA), Alexander Technique International (ATI), and the theatre company P3/east. My MFA is in acting from the University of Washington's Professional Actor Training Program. And I have a BFA in acting from Miami University in Oxford, OH. My writing can be found in past journals of VASTA and ATI. Because the lineage of teachers matters, my mentorship via Alexander Technique was with Cathy Madden.

And for those who want more specific info: I've served on theatre faculties of Marymount Manhattan, University of Connecticut, Wesleyan University & Ball State (where I was tenured); published articles on cross-culture storytelling, beginner's mind, and balancing analytical with kinesthetic learning principles; traveled three times to teach & direct in the Gauteng Province in South Africa; and performed and coached in regional theatres across the country.

my process: 

It is inclusive. It is for anyone with any body doing any thing. This work draws on the roots of the Alexander Technique, a process which requires curiosity & desire to do something in a new way. It is a continual invitation to flexibility, adaptability, & creativity.

There is no separation between the mind & the body. You are whole at every moment of every day… What you think directly affects the way you move. And the way you talk to yourself matters because it may or may not be in alignment with the way you are designed.

When all of you is in coordination - thought, breath, spirit, body - there is flow, ease, grace, and efficiency.  Profound change can occur when we understand we have options.

Your potential is in direct balance to your desire. This means empowerment & sustainable change. 


Efficient, authentic, & in coordination with the way you are built to function & locomote. 

When you are physically aligned with your intent, there is natural energy in your body, clarity & flow in all areas of your life.


An invitation. Uninhibited willingness to step into a 3rd space that transcends individual voices & binary relationships.

There is a symbiotic relationship that occurs when living beings share defined spaces. It's a collective coexistence in which we directly & indirectly affect one another simply by being in the same place, together.


Aimed energy into the world from a place of wellness and abundance. Listen and create towards rather than against. 

Ripple effects to any action extend beyond you to create spaces that ultimately become culture and contribute to the world we share.

In this coaching you can:

    • explore the freedom of choice
    • practice new ways to partner
    • experience coordination - the interconnected relationship between mind, body, & intent 
    • reframe your narrative so it leads toward rather than against
    • cultivate a willingness to ask what is required in order to be your whole self & full size in this ever-changing world we share