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brian andreas

I feel sometimes as if I walk through the world listening, always listening, for the moments when time stops, when the perfection of everything is so evident that it’s unmistakable. It always is, but our minds are racing along so often looking for it to be another way that we miss it. But when we do stop & do see it, there’s nothing more breathtaking...     


Brian Andreas is known around the world as a writer and artist whose work celebrates the strength and beauty of the human spirit. He’s authored 15 books (two were nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Poetry, and his collaboration with photographer Lorne Resnick, received three Independent book awards).

Born in Iowa, raised in Chicago, Brian went to Luther College for a BA in Theater and English. Later on, after he figured out what he really wanted to do (HA!) he got an MFA in Fiber and Mixed Media from John F. Kennedy University in the Bay Area of California. He is the creator of the company StoryPeople, which carried his work for 25 years.

(Through divorce, he was separated from all of his copyrights prior to 2012, and from the company he founded, called StoryPeople. Brian has no relationship with the company and no control over the work that carries his name from that time period.) 


When you ask him, he says his education came from being in the world: short order cooking at Denny’s, apprenticing with a French chef in Chicago, running operations at a high-fashion mannequin factory in L.A., doing contract archaeology in the summer heat, dabbling as a tennis pro after college, writing plays for a small theatre company in Minnesota. He speaks six languages, his favorites being the Romance languages (not surprisingly).

Currently he and Fia and Yoshi live in the lovely mountain town of Bozeman, Montana...