These are synecdoches in a way... pieces of a larger whole.  Once part of towering living trees, then repurposed for a building or a barn, now reclaimed for art. Our way of honoring craft, working with existing materials, always remembering we are only one small part of the story of this wild planet we share...

To us, whispers are taps on the shoulder, gentle nudges, words we can place in corners of windows, on bookshelves, & our favorite little places, to remind us of something we wish to remember...

Each is crafted & painted by hand with our unique bird & brush process (4-5 layers of paint & ink - including a secret hand written wish between the layers) to order. Reclaimed wood has its own biology & life history, so every storyblock will be a little bit different than what you see pictured.

All whispers are created to order and ship from the studio 1-3 days after ordering. 

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