Flying Edna is a company that sells reminders, permission slips, invitations and talismans in the form of cards, prints, calendars, books & projects yet to be created. 

Our three tenets are: balance, beginner's mind, and fair exchange.

We license the work of artists who honor these tenets & share our commitment to radical inclusivity, interconnectedness & telling stories that inspire others towards a life they love. 

And because we care about partnering with you and with the planet, we choose environmentally conscious and sustainable choices in our products & practices here in the studio. Check out our product information page to learn more. 

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the story of Edna & why she flies

words from fia j. skye

Early in my teaching career, I received a gift from a student: Women of Discovery: a Celebration of Intrepid Women Who Explored the World. The book was filled with pages of women who changed the landscape of the world, simply by being all of who they were (which often meant not being who others thought they should be).  

It reminded me of the generation of women teachers I'd come to trust for guidance & inspiration & honest feedback. Pathfinders. I am forever grateful for these women. And though they may never be chronicled in the history books, they took the world they inherited & changed the rules for all of us with fierce grace & an unwillingness to be silent when it mattered most.  

This book of extraordinary women has traveled with me on countless journeys, a talisman of a sorts, a permission slip, a reminder that possibility is infinite & action is required. 

As my life began to shift in a hundred different ways I never anticipated, I found myself taking the time to listen to that bone-deep voice inside - the voice each of us has in a tone only we can hear.

That voice is funny, direct, raw & unfettered, always heading me in a direction that is unexpected & entirely my own...

If that voice had a name, I imagine it would be Edna Mercury.

Flying Edna for short. 

Why does she fly….?

Because she can.