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Flying Edna is centered around creating beautiful, earth-friendly pieces that remind you who you already are & encourage you to get in motion towards a life you love. 

It's the home of Brian Andreas, who now creates under the name Kai Skye, & Fia Skye. 

We call ourselves a studio because we not only distribute all the work here, we create it, the two of us. 

Everything we write, create, & teach is about interconnectedness & cultivating the practice of presence: ways to be more mindful in how we move through every day, no matter what comes in our direction. 

In our studio, we choose environmentally conscious practices & work with sustainable materials we find from fellow makers & vendors who share our respect for the planet.

We're conscious of the lifeline of each piece we send out of the studio, where it begins, all the hands that bring it to us here in the studio, and how it will eventually be disposed of... Our aim is to do no harm at any point in the process. 


the story of Edna & why she flies

Early in my teaching career, I received a gift from a young woman: Women of Discovery. As I paged through the book, I learned of

women who changed the landscape of the world, simply by being the all of who they are

(which often meant not being who others thought they should be).

Some of the women in the book I recognized but others were entirely new to me – their lives no less significant simply because history books had overlooked them. What most amazed me most was

a willingness to listen to that voice inside.

This book of extraordinary women has traveled alongside me on countless journeys, a talisman of a sorts, a permission slip, a reminder that we have

one body, one life, infinite possibilities.

And as my own life began to move in a hundred different ways I never anticipated, I found myself listening to an inner voice that helped orient and guide me. Amusing, direct, raw and unfettered, I decided to give this mouthy voice the name of Edna Mercury. (some day over a bottle of Alaskan Amber, I can tell you some wild stories about her).

And why she flies….?

Because she can.

always in motion,  fia

 our story

The year was 2015. 

He was up to his thing (as the internationally celebrated writer & artist of StoryPeople. Author and illustrator of numerous books and countless stories...)

She was up to her thing (balancing life as a professional actress and professor of voice & acting, a recipient of national & institutional teaching awards...)

They met at a dinner. On April Fool's Day. And that was it. He left California. She left Indiana. 

Within 6 months of being together, we published our manifesto, Creative Anarchy; took a 6949 mile road trip through 14 states in 72 days in the middle of winter; and began a collaboration that will take a lifetime to explore. 

Yoshi, short for Mooseboy, is our spirited Belgian Tervuren -  a constant companion & loving reminder of what it is to be perfectly present.                                    

Since meeting in 2015, Fia, Kai and Yoshi have journeyed together through 45 states, temporarily making home in the Midwest, Maine and most recently, Montana. Currently, their studio is out of their home in the beautiful mountain town of Bozeman, Montana.   

By the time you read this, they may be off on another journey, but you can always find them at