original Instagram artwork

so, you just saw a story on kai's instagram...

Many times, when I put a snap of one of my notebook pages up, that's the first anyone has seen it. So, there's no art of it yet & there's definitely not a print of it yet.

But what if it's your perfect story? The one you didn't even know you needed to hear?

This happens surprisingly often, so after awhile I decided I'd make it easier for you than waiting for me to finally get around to doing it. Especially since I have a list of art & books to do that's way longer than I like to admit.

The fun part of this is that since I've already done the story (which is the part that takes the most time in any commission), getting an Instagram original drawing or watercolor:

  1. takes a LOT less time (usually less than a week) &
  2. is a LOT less expensive than an original commission.

The Instagram original drawing is a black & white pen & ink drawing with text on 11x14 archival hot press watercolor paper. The Instagram original watercolor is pen & ink with gouache watercolor & saturated watercolor inks on 11x14 archival hot press watercolor paper.

All you have to do is click on your choice below & go & order it. Let me know the story you'd like (which means you'll have to type out the words & the date that's on the corner of the Instagram screen) & I'll get back to you with the timing. How's that sound?

Go ahead & check it out any time you're ready...

the IG original drawing     the IG original watercolor