original Instagram drawing by Kai Skye

So, you've decided on your favorite story from my Instagram account. Yay you! 

The fun part of this is that since I've already done the story (which is the part that takes the most time when I do a commission), getting an Instagram original drawing or watercolor:

  1. takes a LOT less time (usually less than a week) &
  2. is a LOT less expensive than an original commission.

After you order it, you'll have a chance to let me know the story you'd like in the special notes (which means you'll have to type out the words & the date that's on the corner of the Instagram screen) & I'll get back to you with the timing. How's that sound? 

  • 11x14 pen & ink drawing & text of one of Kai's Instagram stories of your choice
  • archival hot press watercolor paper
  • Signed, titled & dated in pencil on bottom

  • (Please note that the image you see here is only an example of the style. Nothing more. You'll get your own original with the words you pick...:-))