story keepers

Story Keepers are a loving nod to Kai's earlier work that he visioned & created 30 years ago. As a result of his own evolution as an artist, these flying, dancing beings now have freehand woodcut designs or a way to change the story that sits on the piece. 

These wood sculptures are two to four feet tall, constructed from an assemblage of reclaimed, found & scrap wood we've carried with us from Montana or sourced here in New England from fallen trees & lumber yards dedicated to repurposing old buildings. We choose each piece of wood we carry into the woodshop, so each sculpture has its own unique energy & history.

Story Keepers hold our original stories. They may be a simple cutout in the shape of a house or roughly human form with twists of wire & a shaded spirit face softly blended into the wood surface to make it come alive. They may be lightly shaped from chunks of weathered beams or small tree trunks, or intricately made from dozens of pieces. Every Story Keeper carries an original story of ours, & is unique because of the materials used.

Every single one is designed, hand crafted, & signed by Kai, the original artist. 

  In the spirit of giving back, each story keeper ordered plants one tree

If you are the loving owner of one of Kai's earlier storypeople sculptures & it is in need of a touch up or you'd like to change the story, email him at so you can have a conversation.