story keeper palimpsest: crow dreams
story keeper palimpsest: crow dreams
story keeper palimpsest: crow dreams
story keeper palimpsest: crow dreams

story keeper palimpsest: crow dreams

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palimpsests: "... something having usually diverse layers or aspects apparent beneath the surface..."

Kai started with a slab of reclaimed hickory. After it was shaped, we began the first few layers with our usual bird & brush process, but instead of a secret wish, we added an entire secret story about home. And then added a few more layers until it seemed ready for the shelf. 

The slice of Shagbark Hickory is from a tree in North Carolina that was milled into floor boards for a razed barn. The shelf is corral board - old fenceposts reclaimed from a Montana farm, naturally weathered by the elements. And crow dream shown here is on a piece of redwood that used to be part of a pickle brine barrel reclaimed from Oregon.

This storykeeper comes with the crow artblock, another palimpsest 

 each story keeper ordered plants one tree

  • dimensions: 9" W x 18 1/2" H x 2 3/4" D (with the shelf)
  • studio signature of authenticity on the back
  • a sawtooth hanger is fixed onto the back, ready to hang
  • natural grain on the back exposed to show the hisstory of wood
  • price includes FedEx shipping within the US

          This piece was created by Kai in February 2021

            Size storykeeper: crow palimpsest

            how we make these...

            We have the deep joy of working with incredibly beautiful repurposed wood, sometimes from trees that are hundreds of years old... This means every piece is unique & carries along its own history. We purposely do not fill in the bug holes or hide the knots & scarring, which is why each piece is perfectly imperfect & unique.

            The wood species will vary according to what we can source from local small businesses dedicated to repurposing razed buildings, trees that are diseased, or taken down due to storms.

            These pieces come with a small card telling a bit about us & the piece, & is either wrapped or comes in an organic cotton bag.

            All our reclaimed wood products are shaped, sanded & waxed here in our studio. Woodcuts are done freehand.

            Unless stated otherwise, our painted pieces are our unique bird & brush process: 4-6 layers of paint, graphite & ink (including a secret hand written wish).

            click here to learn more about our bird & brush process...