All the work here at Flying Edna is written, designed, & painted/crafted by us, here in our studio. We tend to follow our imaginations wherever they go, wandering & wondering, nurturing this wild space with time, space, & lots of paper, paint, & wood... So, it stands to reason that in the more than 25 years Kai has been putting his work out there as an artist, there would be a whole bunch of stories in different styles & collections. 

We've sorted our most popular collections, so you can take a look by style & by product type... 

by style...

here are stories we have available in a specific style - you'll find some stories are available in different ways - take a look around & if you have any questions, just let us know

brian andreas collection

art prints || greeting cards || story keepers || calendars

kai's unique & recognizable watercolors & handcrafted wood sculptures

miranda the curious crow

art prints || greeting cards || artblocks || flat cards

drawings & paintings on paper & wood

bird & brush collection

art prints || storyblocks || story keepers || flat cards || calendars

layers of paint, graphite, & ink on reclaimed wood

woodcut & linocut collection

art prints || greeting cards || storyblocks || storyboards

freehand woodcuts & linocuts

original collection

original drawings || original instagram art || commissions

kai's original drawings & watercolors, direct from him

by product type

If you are looking for a particular type of gift - a print, a storyblock, a card... we've moved them into

art prints

brian andreas || bird & brush || miranda the curious crow || woodcut & linocut || the women || the library

storyblocks & whispers