reclaimed wood card holders

These card holders are a little something we've created to hold our cards & desk calendars -  inspirations & daily reminder. 

It's a little something you can send to someone you love (that includes yourself)... & keep refreshing in the days to come...

These are crafted by hand here on the Cape from a variety of reclaimed wood species. Steve Pearson, an amazing local artist we are happy to call a friend (he's also a former professor of Fia's & was head of two of the top MFA acting programs in the country...) cuts all the story frame bases for us.

Fia shapes each piece, working with the various grains, checks & scarring, & Kai creates the art on the notecards. 

You can add to these starter packs over time with any of the vertical notecards from our collection (& we're always adding more as we go...)