welcome to flying edna

the home of artists & writers,
Fia & Kai Skye (also known as Brian Andreas)

this is a place for stories that move with us as we breathe & wonder alongside one another through uncertain times & moments of joy... a place for art that nurtures a practice of well being...

everything at Flying Edna is written, designed, painted, & handcrafted by the two of us at our studio & home in New England...

what's new in the studio


miranda &...

winter studio sale

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story keepers

a special place to hold your stories... handcrafted from reclaimed wood.

story keeper palimpsest

story keeper sculptures

story keeper frames

story keeper sculptures

storyblocks & artblocks

beautiful small paintings & short stories made to freely stand on windowsills, bookshelves, or in little spaces you love most of all.

bird & brush storyblocks

contemporary storyblocks



let us help you navigate all the stories...

curated collections


reproductions of original watercolors & drawings from kai's notebooks & hand painted creations


bird & brush

everyday angels

the women

library - archived stories

A Story Every Day

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the how of doing

one body. one life. infinite possibilities...

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