what does it take to go towards a life you love?

maybe it's as simple as choosing a new story...

It's one of the things that's so intriguing to us about being alive: the things that lead us, that teach us how to be more available to Love flowing through us are there constantly. The signs are scattered like stars across the heavens, waiting only for us to look up & see. 

Welcome to Flying Edna. 

We make art & other things to remind you of the stories that are important to you. Prints & sculptures & books from the beloved artist & writer Brian Andreas. Practices & coaching from artist & teacher Fia Skye. 

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some favorite stories this week

yes... it is true

Brian Andreas is no longer affiliated with StoryPeople.

But you can find him right here at Flying Edna - where you will find 300+ stories (including the classic style & all the newest work), originals, & (soon) sculptures that are hand made & designed by the original artist... 

Plus, he can dedicate your gifts to loved ones. Sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch!

the art of quiet moments

words from Brian Andreas & Fia Skye

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meet the women

Originally created on rough-cut butternut, 10 sculptures have been recreated as 11x14 prints, with an overlay of metal leaf paste that Brian hand-rubs on to the paper. Each print is a unique reminder and inspiration towards the kind of world you imagine for yourself & the people around you...

coupons, announcements, & a source for celebrating the every day act of living... 

the artists

the practice of presence

balance, flow & grace in every day living