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Flying Edna is the creative studio of Fia & Kai Skye (who you may also know as Brian Andreas). Inspired by our daily practice of wellness & wonder, we write, design & handcraft everything we do at the studio in our little house nearby the sea.
Stories are like philosopher's stones. They can make the dead dance & the living soar. They can delight & enchant & remind us to pay attention to soft voices so we can remember what we didn't know we forgot. Even the simplest stories touch us in ways we can only begin to understand. With every step, with every thought, with every story we tell ourselves & our children, we create a world.
So we offer these very very short stories in the same spirit they came to us, as gifts of possibility...

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classic collection

art prints || greeting cards || story keepers || calendars || flat cards for wood holders

the unique & recognizable work many know under the name brian andreas

woodcut collection

art prints || greeting cards || storyblocks || storyboards

handcrafted reclaimed wood pieces with freehand woodcuts

bird & brush collection

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from the original works, layers of paint, graphite, & ink on reclaimed wood

the women collection

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kai's graphite sketches & paintings on paper & wood, inspired by women around the world

miranda the curious crow

art prints || greeting cards || artblocks || raw crow blocks || flat cards

drawings & paintings of kai's on paper & wood

hand crafted wood sculptures

story keepers

Story Keepers are a loving nod to Kai's earlier work that he visioned & created 30 years ago.
They may be a simple cutout in the shape of a roughly human form with twists of wire & a shaded face softly blended into the wood surface to make it come alive. They may be lightly shaped from chunks of weathered beams or small tree trunks, or intricately constructed from dozens of pieces. Every Story Keeper carries an original story we've written, & is unique because of the materials used.
As with all our work here at Flying Edna, each piece is designed, hand crafted, & signed by the maker, the original artist. 

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