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stories matter...

artwork that encourages inclusivity, wellness, & whimsy...

welcome to flying edna

everything here is written, created, & handcrafted at our studio in Montana
by Kai (who you might also know as Brian Andreas) & Fia Skye

we are a planet conscious studio

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miranda & crows

custom care packages

a place for your stories...

sculptures & frames & winged boxes & more...


storyblocks & artblocks

beautiful small paintings, each crafted by hand on reclaimed wood

bird & brush storyblocks

contemporary storyblocks



stories of love & friendship

for the special someones in your life...



digital reproductions of kai's original watercolors & creations that can be found in his notebooks & on hardwood artblocks

bird & brush


everyday angels

the women

library - archived stories

more to see

inspirations & encouragements to enjoy or give

originals grab bags

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the how of doing

one body. one life. infinite possibilities...

workshops & coaching

not just a living. it's a life

everything we write, create, & teach is about interconnectedness & cultivating the practice of presence. 

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