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Working with reclaimed wood is always a challenge. It's highly inconsistent, irregular & worth every moment it takes because it's beautiful...

We were playing with scraps of wood one day, testing out some ideas, & unexpectedly created these miniature perspectives... & then paired them with the shorter stories we'd written. To us, they are taps on the shoulder, gentle nudges, whispers that remind us of something we wish to remember...

Each whisper is crafted here in our studio. Some are available in our contemporary style, and others with our bird & brush technique (4-8 layers of paint & graphite, including a hand written secret wish). The photos are of the original piece painted by Kai &/or Fia on various pieces of reclaimed hardwood left over from larger projects.

We use these originals as guides to create every whisper to order. Each piece of wood has its own unique biology & history - & we paint by hand so they're always a little bit different than what is pictured. 

All whispers are created to order and ship from the studio 1-4 days after ordering.