miranda bakes artblock

Miranda the Curious Crow helping out in the kitchen...

artblock shown is created on elm: 5 1/4" W x 6" h x 2" D

 each artblock ordered plants one tree

    • average size of artblock: 5 1/2" w, 6 1/2 "h, 2" d
    • hardwood species will vary according to what we have on hand
    • packaged in an organic cotton bag with a small card telling a brief history of the chosen wood & the bird & brush series
    • each block is shaped & painted here in the studio with our unique bird & brush process:  the final piece has at least eight layers of paint, ink, & graphite (including a secret handwritten wish...) - making each an original

      art created by Kai on March 07, 2020 (& the ceramic baking bowls that inspired it, well, Fia's had her set in the kitchen for a very long time..)

      • all the wood in our studio is reclaimed from a local company here in Bozeman that is dedicated to salvaging old buildings & recycling the wood for new projects.
      • Here in the studio, we sand, paint, & hand finish each piece with an earth-friendly beeswax.
      • Flying Edna studio signature on the back
      • natural grain on the sides and back exposed to show the raw wood
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