e-book: bring your life back to life

A new, revised second edition for 2022. Available as an easy-to-download e-book!

By the internationally known artist & writer Kai Skye (who you may also know by his pen name, Brian Andreas). It's about choosing a life that truly lights you up & how to walk towards that. Every. Single. Day.

With surprising simplicity, Bring Your Life Back To Life opens up how you choose a fully alive life in every moment.

As Kai writes: I’d hit the point where I wasn’t willing to settle for a life that worked. What called to me was a life that played & danced & soared. But if I wanted that, I was going to have to choose it. Walk toward it in every moment. I couldn’t settle any more for a life where I’m not all in, in every moment.

This is the gentle, clear & powerful guide that comes out of that choice.

If you’re ready for that kind of life yourself, here’s a good place to start. It’s a perfect companion to carry along with you as you choose your own path toward joy…

• Book is in fixed E-PUB format so it works on most readers
• Color & black-&-white drawings & hand drawn text