greeting card: on thirty

3 Things to Know Now That You're Thirty & you're starting to figure out you don't know as much as you thought. 1. Once it starts where you see you don't know much about anything really, it never stops & after awhile, all you can do is laugh about it. 2. There'll be times where you think even though you don't know everything, there are some things you do know really well. So, you'll do more of those things to prove to yourself & other people that's true. (It's not, but it takes most of us until we're forty to see it.) 3. The sooner you learn to enjoy all of it, even the crunchy parts, the better. Because it's your life. This part you'll never lose, except at the very end.
  • 5x7 card with a matching envelope 
  • inside is blank
  • eco friendly: 25% hemp, 75% post consumer, 100% sustainable, acid free, chlorine free, archival quality
  • you can see tiny flecks of hemp fibers in the paper
  • printed to order in the studio

words by Fia & art from Kai's notebooks