greeting card: two cups

even if you are a thousand miles away, i hope you know there are always two cups at my table

available as a single card or as a pack of six cards

  • 5x7 card with a matching envelope
  • eco friendly: 25% hemp, 75% post consumer, 100% sustainable, acid free, chlorine free, archival quality
  • you can see tiny flecks of hemp fibers in the paper

based on kai's performance story 'songlines', this is a digital print of the original linocut & woodcut by Kai Skye created on April 18, 2023 

The words used here are from 'songlines' a longer story kai wrote in 2004. Here's his poem excerpted from that:

I am the cloud & the green mountain waiting/ I am the still bamboo without wind/ I am the cricket each night that reminds you,/ who are a thousand miles away,/ there are always two cups at my table.

We've since heard from some of you that there's a poem from the Tang Dynasty (though it's more likely that it was written by Guy Fowles in the Tang style in his novel The Magus, since no other references to the Tang poem exist) that has similar wording.

We're pretty good about not using other people's words, since we have so much fun playing with our own. So, it seems this is one of those instances where the influence either slipped in without conscious intent, or was created independently after a lifetime of kai's study of the poetics of Taoism. All the same, we wanted you to know... 

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tree free & eco friendly

Our 5x7 greeting cards are 25% hemp, 75% post consumer, 100% sustainable.  

Slightly larger than our flat cards, these open as traditional greeting cards & the inside is blank, so there's all sorts of room for you to write whatever you wish. 

Every single card is printed right here in our studio by us on our fine art printers. Printing these to order rather than ordering in bulk helps to reduce overproduction & means we can offer more stories for you to choose from.