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time's up print

time's up print

We can take the longest, most excruciating time to admit something that we know isn't good for us. Especially when we've known from almost the very beginning.

Fortunately, we all have our angels - whether it's that clear-sighted relative that all your other relatives steer clear of. Or a stranger you happen to sit by on the train. Or the particular form your own angels take. (Mine tend to whisper to me louder & louder until I finally can't stand the racket..:-))

In my dream, the angel said, You can only know something so long before you have to admit it to yourself & I said I haven't found any real time limit myself & she laughed so loud I woke up & far away, I heard her whisper, Time's up.

• Printed on museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper.
• Signed, titled & dated on the bottom.
• Includes low-VOC foamcore backing & comes protected in a poly sleeve.