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two things print

two things print

When I do lists (which is quite often), my favorite is always Things-I-Will-Know-Later. Just to be clear, I have no idea what those things will be. While I know it never turns out that way, it's still fun to throw all these things way out in front of me & see if any of them are a direction I want to go.

It's my own way of reminding myself that I get to choose adventure. & even if it goes differently than I hope (because, of course, it will) it gets me imagining the possibilities & that's always how a big adventure begins...

Two Things I Know. No. 1: If you have a choice, pick a big adventure because Life will give you exactly that & exactly the people who're big enough to love the world right along with you. & No. 2: You always have a choice.

• Printed on museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper.
• Signed, titled & dated on bottom.
• Includes low-VOC foamcore backing & comes protected in a poly sleeve.