choose your own: pen & ink original drawing

Since you have favorite stories & Kai loves to do pen & ink drawings, here's your chance...

Here's how it works:

  • Pick the story you'd like. (This'd be the name of the story. You might have to do a bit of work here to find it on the site. All we can say is it's pretty fun roaming through anyway, discovering how many favorites you have. If you're in a rush, this might not be your best choice. HA.)
  • Write it in the box underneath here. The one titled 'which story would you like?'
  • Select it & checkout.
  • Ta-dah. Now you wait a few days, or so, & Kai'll draw it & send it out. (OK, part of the deal with him drawing it is that he gets to draw what he'd like with the story you choose. If you want him to draw what you'd like, that's more like a commissioned original. Which you can get by clicking here.
  • That said, if you'd like to let him know a few things about you (or the person you're giving it to), we've given you space to do that, too. After that, it's all in the hands of the drawing gods...;-)
  • signed & dated 2022 in pencil at bottom by the artist
  • 117 lb. museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
  • 5.5x8.5, or 9x12. Perforated on left edge
  • archival pen & ink

      Each piece will be a unique drawing by Kai Skye with one of our stories you choose. Read More

      size 9x12 original