international beautiful things (bird & brush) print

Once, there was a woman who wanted to change the world & at first, she thought it'd be easy, because if everyone could see how beautiful it'd be, it'd take about a minute, but all the people she talked to were too busy to stop & listen. So, she went off & did beautiful things all on her own & pretty soon people were stopping & asking if they could come along & do that, too & that's how she figured out how worlds change.

This is the version that's available as a 12x16 & 16x20 from select international artprinters in your region..

Here's the link if you'd like an 8x10 or 11x14 print from our US studio...

• archival paper printed by one of our select artprinters worldwide
• available as a giclée digital print in 12x16 or 16x20 sizes 
• the original bird & brush artwork created by Kai & Fia Skye

Size 12″×16″