international sugar cookie love print

We love cooking together & making food for the people we love. It's one of our great joys. It's also one of the best ways we know of slowing down & talking care with each other. It says quite clearly, You, & this moment here with you, matter to me...

Now available internationally from select art printers in a region close to you.

Convinced that love takes many shapes, but her favorite one will always be sugar cookies. 

print description
  • signature, title & date printed on bottom edge
  • printed on museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
  • includes pH neutral backing board made from 100% recycled material & comes protected in a plant-based compostable bag
  • this print is a digital reproduction of his original watercolor
  • printed to order at select art printers nearest to your region
  • fits any standard 12x16 frame

      The story was created by Kai for a cookie baking friend of ours back in 2016. This version, with the sugar cookies & new art, was done on November 04, 2021.

          Size 12″×16″