international yoga champion print

Perfect for the ones who know that mindfulness is just a smokescreen for the truth: that yoga is a competitive sport...:-)

Now available internationally from select art printers in a region close to you.

How to Become A Yoga Champion. With this no-fail four step method. Step#1: Make up a name. Something like Four Monkeys See The Reflection of the Moon in a Puddle. If you're feeling energetic, pick a name with a lot of action, like Buffalo Skating on Glare Ice. If you're more low-key, try something like Sloth Chewing on One Fingernail. Step #2: Twist your body until it feels like that. Step #3: Give yourself points (I never do less than 10.) Step #4: When you hit 100, you win. Feel yourself suffused with well-being. Look around at your whole life & know this is exactly how yoga champions live. The End.

print description
  • signature, title & date printed on bottom edge
  • printed on museum quality, 100% cotton, acid-free paper
  • this giclée print is a digital reproduction of Kai's original watercolor
  • printed to order at select art printers around the world
  • fits any standard 12x16 frame

      art & story create by Kai Skye in 2018 Read More

        Size 16x12