two lists art print

starts every day with a list of things that make her glow inside & a list of things she should probably do instead & it’s funny how often she leaves the second one on the counter when she walks out into the day.

Note: the story is available in all genders. Simply make a note of your preferred pronouns at checkout.

The new artwork for this story was created 14 July 2022 by Kai. In memory of his mother, Paula. As he wrote 'This reminds me, always & forever, of my mom. Glowing with delight everywhere she goes, wherever that may be...'

      size 8x10

      more about this art print...

      Because Flying Edna is the artistic home of the artist, Brian Andreas - who now goes by Kai - he's able to proof & sign each of these with his new signature.

      Our art prints are reproductions of Kai's original drawings & watercolors from his notebooks. Kai's bio

      This piece is printed on 315 gsm European etching paper, an archival, museum-grade paper. Which means 100% cotton fiber, acid-free, lignin-free, and optical brightener (OBA) free.

      It includes a pH neutral backing board made from 100% recycled material & comes protected in a plant-based compostable bag to keep it safe in shipping

      Compatible with 8x10 & 11x14 frames.